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Marketing Solutions - Overview

If you're like the non-profit, association and business leaders we support every day, you have more than ever on your plate.

Whatever your goals are – acquiring donors, staying top of mind with your members, influencing sector opinion on an issue, or launching a new product or service – you have more to get done, but limited resources with which to do it. Imagine if you could work with a single team that enables you to accomplish your marketing, communications, and/or fundraising goals with less effort and risk – without increasing your budget.

For over 16 years, our experienced, multi-disciplinary team has provided marketing solutions to organizations in both Canada and the USA. We think you'll find working with us to be a refreshing change from what you're used to.

Business & Association Marketing

Our multi-disciplinary team serves businesses in both Canada and the U.S., in a variety of sectors. We help the business executives we support to perform research, to plan their marketing activities, and to execute their marketing programs across all major media of interaction with their audiences.

Our clients count on our multi-disciplinary expertise, depth of experience with association communications, and disciplined project management to help them create products and programs that hit the mark, every time.

Research and Planning - Marketing & Sales Tools - Direct Marketing - Advertising - Events & Presentations - Online Marketing



Fundraising & Development

Non-profit development and fundraising leaders today face an increasingly competitive 'giving market' and challenges in connecting with and cultivating different donor segments – yet have fewer resources with which to secure the funds their organization needs to accomplish its mission.



Recognition Solutions

Recognition matters to everyone: employees, customers, members, donors, trainees, volunteers, and others. Beautifully designed recognition materials and products make a lasting impression and strengthen loyalty.

From basic to premium framed certificates, from plaques to signage, and from engraved awards to branded apparel and other products, our team can help you to craft recognition program materials and products that send the right message.

We can also help you to select and create gifts that leave a lasting impression with top performing employees, VIP donors, key customers or new members.



Promotional Products

Promotional products are all about getting noticed, and making an impression that lasts. The right promotional product with the right branding treatment can make a far more powerful impression than a poorly chosen or executed product.

Promotional products have come a long way beyond the classic branded coffee mug, and now include an entire world of customizable products to suit your organization and your stakeholders.

PrintBridge is connected with the most innovative and most competitive manufacturers of promotional products in both the USA and Canada.

Online Product Database
Our highly searchable and helpful online database of promotional products includes almost every conceivable product to meet each context and purpose, whether you are a non-profit, association or business. We encourage you take a look – it's a fantastic source of ideas!