Creative and Design

Creative Services - Overview

Between design and execution / production, a lot can go wrong – and often does. If you work with traditional, narrowly-focused suppliers like graphic designers, printers, mailing houses, etc., it can take a great deal of time and expertise to combine their work into great products that go out on budget and on schedule. It should be easier than this.

The PrintBridge team manages the whole process of design and execution. Working with our integrated team, you create the most effective product or program with your budget, with less effort and risk.


Enhancing In-House Work

When you want to raise your in-house work to a higher standard, or to embellish a special report or presentation that you want to otherwise create in-house, talk to us. We can create custom backgrounds, templates, graphics and/or treatments that your in-house team can work with in the software they normally use – and give them the coaching and support they need.




Core Marketing


For your organization as a whole, and for your strategic intiatives, programs or products, our creative team can help you to create core marketing material – from branding to core marketing and promotional material – that sends the desired messages to your audience and advances your agenda.





Direct Marketing


Direct Mail
Direct mail can range from a static or personalized postcard, to complex promotional kits, to fundraising appeal packages.


Our team has deep experience designing direct mail for non-profits, associations and businesses. Since we handle end-to-end production for direct mail in both Canada and the U.S., our extensive knowledge of mailing regulations enables us to design direct mail pieces and packages that take full advantage of what's permissible, and are free of design flaws that can compromise postal delivery and/or postage costs.


Campaigns & Multi-Channel Programs
Campaigns and multi-channel programs can be some of the most challenging design assignments, as they can often include many visual components which must work in unison to compel and sustain attention, and support the campaign goal – for example, campaign branding, direct mail pieces and/or packages, presentation or event materials, email marketing, web content, signage, even video. The schedule is also paramount, to ensure a carefully orchestrated sequence of touches or interactions.


Publications and Documents

book and happy faces

When it's critical to create a single publication or an integrated family of documents that make a powerful impression on your audience, the PrintBridge creative team is an experienced and highly reliable partner.


From e-newsletters to magazines, from reports to Powerpoints, and from catalogs to training materials, our approach means that the design of your document will perfectly serve its content – not obscure it.






Digital Content / e Publications / Web


Digital content ranges from Powerpoints and Webexes to e-newsletters, from advanced PDFs to e-Publications and other digital document solutions.Our team has created just about every form of digital content. Let us help you to create professional, high-impact digital communications.


We can also design across multiple media, combining the web with print, direct mail, events and other channels for a campaign or program. And create web-to-mobile applications to deliver specific content to your audience on their smartphones and tablets. Your imagination is the limit.