Creative and Design

CCAF – Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation

CCAF is a non-profit NGO promoting effective performance audit and government oversight.
Printbridge supports CCAF in their communications by designing, printing, signage and promotional products.


CCAF wanted a booklet that covered the major achievements of the organization and their international fellows. On the date of the graduation the booklet had to be handed out along with certificates. The purpose of the booklet was to show the importance of the work by CCAF and the impact of that work. The title and the content were provided by the organization.


Printbridge had to create a product that would represent the important message and data by developing the graphical concept and execute it.
STAND UP BANNER: An easy portable banner that visually translates CCAF’s commitment and achievement suitable for all type of events.



FIC – Fur Institute of Canada

The Fur Institute of Canada is the lead expert on humane trap research and furbearer conservation and is the official trap-testing agency for the Government of Canada and all provincial and territorial governments.
FIC is mandated to providing accurate and credible information relating to the economical, social, cultural and environmental issues surrounding the harvesting and farming of fur in Canada. Its mission is to promote the sustainable and wise use of Canada’s fur resources.

Printbridge ensures the quality and timely production of the communication materials for the FIC events.

Arctic symposium was an event held in Iqaluit along with the Annual General Meeting.
Printbridge developed the brand for both events for all their printed communications.
The customer wanted a logo that incorporates the geographical and animal characteristics of Iqaluit, related to the topic of the event. That brought the graphical elements of an Inukshuk, a polar bear and a seal.

The images of all communication materials visually unifyed both events, depicting the different geographical regions and their regional animals, which is the essential theme for Fur Institute of Canada.


AFOA – Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada

AFOA is a non-profit NGO that focuses on the capacity development of Aboriginal Professionals who work in areas of Finance and Management.


Printbridge supports AFOA by producing financial training tool kits, reports, certificates, promotional materials and signage for their communication needs. Our team is committed to suggest the best solution for each project at reasonable costs and looks at every detail to ensure everything is done properly and on time.




CGA – Canadian Gas Association: Shovel Project


One of our customers, Canadian Gas Association, called us to pick our brains about a program that they were about to introduce with one of their partner organizations, CCGA, the Canadian Common Ground Alliance.

They wanted to help promote an increased awareness to the general public to call before digging so as not to puncture important lines or wires such as hydro, cable, telephone and especially natural gas lines.

Their idea was to try and lobby the government to initiate a “Call before you Dig “ month. Their thought was to send a shovel to each Member of Parliament in Canada but had no idea as to how to go about this process.

We suggested a classy Stainless Steel Ceremonial Spade with the CCGA Logo and the phrase in English “Call before you Dig” and French “Creuser Intelligemment“ for the French, engraved into the wood of the spade handle. We sourced the Spade from a manufacturer that specializes in this sort of product and had them shipped to our engraver in Ottawa.

Once the spades were engraved they were individually packaged into customized cardboard boxes with a letter from CCGA in an envelope addressed to the MP.

These were then mailed throughout Canada to the different constituency offices. The project was accomplished on budget and on time to the customer’s satisfaction.   






CTF Canadian Teachers Federation


CTF is a national alliance of provincial and territorial teacher organizations that represent elementary and secondary school teachers across Canada. CTF is also a member of the international body of teachers, Education International.

CTF advances teachers’ interests by holding seminars and conferences on educational issues and provides data collection, analyses, and reporting on trends and issues in education and teachers organizations.



Printbridge supports CTF in their print and promotional communications by producing different types of printing materials, such as posters, annual reports, brochures, signage and promotional products.


We also provide design services for some of these products.









book and happy faces


The Center for the Cause of Elisabeth Bruyere is an organization that helps promote educational missionary services throughout the world by spreading the word of compassion of their Founders.


We help the organization with design, printing and distribution. We make sure that all steps are done properly and on time, from layout to prepress, to print, to distribution to all their members throughout the world.
























Lighthouse CD of the Month Club


Lighthouse Catholic Media is a not-profit organization that produces CDs and digital downloads of Catholic-themed content to subscribers all around the world. Lighthouse has provided CD programs to over 3,000 Roman Catholic parishes throughout the United States and Canada and has distributed over 3 million audio CDs on Catholic topics.


It is a monthly issue. We manufacture / print the CD sleeve as well as handle all of the materials required to ship these CDs throughout the US, Canada and Internationally. Our dedicated production team, hand inserts every CD into a sleeve, and then assembles the mailing packs into either an eKey insert or cardboard mailer in preparation for mailing.  Printbridge processes the entire Lighthouse mailing data once output from their database.

We process this data in preparation for mailing. This includes all data work, adding special messages, prepare/print all mailing labels.


There is a tight schedule on this project with specific mailing dates that MUST be met every month. Printbridge continually meets this deadline on time and on budget.